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Who we are – and what drives us

Hi, I’m Jon – founder of Masterplan Digital

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in working with me. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about my background and what Masterplan Digital can help you to achieve.

I have always had a passion for both writing and digital media. Although I must admit my first attempt at combining the two – creating a football news website when I was 11 years old – wasn’t the roaring success I hoped it would be!

After graduating from university in 2011, I joined Bauer Media and became Digital Editor of some of the UK’s biggest magazine brands. Do connect with me on LinkedIn to find out more about my experience.

Over the years I’d heard many stories of how small business owners were struggling to get their company website looking and performing exactly how they wanted, especially at a fair price. One told me how their web design agency would charge them hundreds of pounds to change a picture. That just didn’t seem right to me.

So in 2016 I went freelance with the aim of helping local businesses manage and improve their digital presence.

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Building a business you can always trust

After five years of further building up my digital skill set and growing my clients, I launched Masterplan Digital in January 2021.

Since then I have been enormously proud to build effective and eye-catching new websites for dozens of fantastic small businesses – from plumbers to personal trainers, business brokers to bricklayers, and pretty much everything in between.

In addition to small business web design, our trusted team of skilled professionals now offer flexible digital marketing services – including content marketing, copywriting, and graphic design – to help deliver outstanding results for clients.

As we continue to grow, our mission statement remains simple: provide small businesses with quality bespoke websites they can be proud of, delivered and maintained at an affordable price.


What we pride ourselves on

Amazing customer service

We are always on hand to answer any questions or help you with any website/marketing task – no matter how big or small.

Easy communication

Looking to tweak something on your website? No need to worry about support tickets – just drop us a WhatsApp!

Total transparency

Enjoy a worry-free service with no hidden fees and full access to your website, ensuring complete control and transparency at all times.

We’re all part of the Masterplan

Whilst we are extremely proud to work with more than 50 clients across London and Kent, we are fully equipped to assist local businesses across the UK.

Wherever you are based, we collaborate with you to gain a deep understanding of your needs and challenges. Our high-quality web design and digital marketing services are then carefully tailored to deliver the results you want.

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